Monday, January 8, 2018

Minutes for January 2018 Meeting

January 8, 2018

Thirteen must be a lucky number, because that's how many of us gathered on the first Thursday of 2018 (January 4th) for our always-rousing Upstate SinC meeting!

After dinner and introductions, we got down to the business of electing officers for the coming year, and member Charles Duke wasted no time in moving to keep the entire slate of officers from 2017. Things happened so fast (we sisters and brothers are efficient!) that I can't even tell you who seconded, but all officers from 2017 were unanimously re-elected for another year. WHAT a shocker!

Therefore, the one and only Sally Handley is our President. Hail to the chief, baby! Howard, aka Haird, Lewis is our Vice President, Helen Turnage is our Treasurer, Linda Lovely is our Membership Chair, Ellis Vidler is our Community Liason, and yours truly, Cindy Blackburn is our secretary.

Then the real fun began as VP Howard Lewis emceed our THIRD Annual Guided Discussion of popular and vexing questions, problems and issues. This discussion is fast becoming our January tradition here at Upstate SinC. Howard asked as such thought-provoking questions as:

What is a good book?
How do you create likable/believable characters?
How do you add emotion to a story, and how much emotion is good?
What makes for a good plot?
What does good pacing mean?
What do we want to see more of in books?
What so we want to see less of in books?

It's always fun, educational, and informative to share our thoughts, opinions, and ideas. And Howard did a great job. We've come to expect nothing less!

To top off the evening Madam President Sally Handley led a discussion of what our SinC chapter can do for YOU! So here are a few things to look forward to as 2018 gets underway:

Efforts to facilitate critique groups or critique partnerships
Workshops (perhaps quarterly) on the craft of writing
Pitching local bookstores for a Mystery event
Efforts at fundraising to raise money for workshop or seminar instructors.

Altogether an enjoyable and informative evening with people who love to read and write. Can't beat that!

Happy New Year!

Respectfully Submitted,

Cindy Blackburn,
Chapter Secretary