Monday, August 1, 2016

Sheriff Loftis to speak to the S.C. Upstate SinC on August 4, 2016

Sheriff Loftis served as Interim Sheriff in Greenville County from Sept 4, 2002 until he was elected as The Sheriff in 2003. The Greenville Sheriff’s Office serves a population of 452,000 in a county of 794 square miles. It employs 453 sworn personnel and 209 civilians. 

The Sheriff started his career in law enforcement as a Uniform Patrol Officer with the Anderson Police Department from 1974 until 1977. In 1977 he went to work with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office in Uniform Patrol as a Deputy II. In 1979 he was promoted to Master Deputy. In 1981 to Sergeant. In 1984 to Lieutenant. Sheriff Loftis was promoted in 1994 to Captain in the Judicial Services Division . He also served as Captain in Uniform Patrol, Field Operations, and the Administrative Services Division.

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Readers and writers of all genres and genders are welcome at all Sisters in Crime meetings. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 4, at The Runway Café, 21 Airport Rd, Greenville, S.C. Be there at 6:15 p.m. to meet Sheriff Loftis and enjoy the chapter fellowship. Supper should be served at 6:30. The Sheriff’s presentation will begin at 7 p.m. Both the dinner and the meeting are open to the public. 

In order for the Runway Café to speed service, dinner orders must be emailed to Ellis Vidler, . Please email Ellis before noon on the day of the meeting so she can call in our order. If you do not receive a confirmation from Ellis, try again. We would still like to know you plan to attend even if you can’t dine with us so we can be sure you have a seat. To see the special menu for our group, please visit our website—  — and click on the Advance Order Menu tab at right.  If you place an order and do not attend or fail to cancel by noon, you will be charged for the meal. Please order something good because like always, we'll enjoy it.

Sheriff Loftis attended the FBI National Academy in 1992 and graduated from the 171st Session. He graduated from the National Sheriff’s Institute Graduate in 2005, the 89th session.

He’s professional associations are:
Past President of the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association  2012 -2014
National Sheriff’s Association Court Security Committee
National Sheriff’s Association Highway Safety Committee
F.B.I. National Academy Associates Member
JTTF Executive Committee
Governor’s Appointee for Commission on Law Enforcement Advancement
Governor’s Appointee for the South Carolina Public Safety Coordinating Council

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