Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Members Tackle Timely Topics at 2017 Kickoff

For our January 5 meeting we’re going to have a guided discussion of topics selected and prioritized by our members. 

This meeting will be framed as an information session not a class. As an example, a course on Building Relationships could last weeks, and truthfully, a lot of our writers and readers aren’t interested. This particular topic is important to writers because we are basically responsible for our own marketing, and I’m hoping readers want to know. Of course we’ll have to mention social media, but only what's possible, not how to do it. I’ll ask our readers how they select their books? Where do they get the ideas? Are they on any writers' mailing lists? I’ll ask our writers how they build readership with readers and what’s working for them? There are hundreds of book clubs within driving distance. How does an author find these book clubs? How do they get invited? What do they do when they get there? Why do our readers join book clubs? What do they expect from a writer who attends? Again, not a class, just information. Later in this note, I’ll list our prioritized topics. 

Before any of this, we need to select officers. Our present executive committee has assembled a proposed slate in an attempt to give us a blend of new blood for new ideas and established officers for continuity. Here is our proposal. Please consider these before the meeting.

Sally - President
Howard - Vice President
Linda - Membership Chair
Helen - Treasurer
Cindy - Secretary
Ellis - Community Liaison

Here’s the prioritized list of topics.

1) Building relationships/readership
2) What readers love
3) What readers hate
4) Critique groups
5) To outline or not
6) Rough draft rules
7) Lack of motivation, inspitration, time
8) Revision process
9) How to know which ideas to write
10) What can non-writer mate do to help

The monthly Sisters in Crime meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 5, at The Runway Café, 21 Airport Rd, Greenville, S.C.  Be there at 6:15 p.m. to enjoy chapter fellowship. Supper should be served at 6:30. Our meeting will start with officer elections at 7 p.m. Both dinner and the meeting are open to the public. 

In order for the Runway Café to speed service, dinner orders must be emailed by noon the day of the meeting. If possible, join us for dinner as our dinner orders help to ensure we can book our meeting room for free. However, if you can't dine with us, we would still like to know you plan to attend so we can be sure you have a seat.  To see the special menu for our group, click on the Advance Order Menu tab at right.  Please e-mail your order to Ellis Vidler at ellisvidler1@gmail.com the earlier the better. If Ellis doesn’t get your order by noon on the day of the meeting, you will need to contact the restaurant yourself and place your order. 

If you place an order and do not attend or fail to cancel by noon, you will be charged for the meal. And like always, we'll enjoy it. 

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