Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Minutes for Chapter Meeting, March 2, 2017

March 7, 2017

Creatures of habit, we met at our usual time and place—the first Thursday evening of the month, at the Runway Café in Greenville. And hungry creatures of habit, we enjoyed burgers, fries, sandwiches, and yes, some of us do salads, to fortify ourselves for the evening’s program. Twenty four people attended this month’s meeting, and we are all glad we did! 

As predicted, Sally Handley has settled comfortably and efficiently into her role as our new chapter president, and Sally started our meeting with the exceedingly good news that the grant she wrote was approved!! Yes, you read that right! Our Upstate SinC chapter has qualified for a $250 grant from SinC National to host our 30th birthday party and workshop celebration. Great job, Sally! Be sure to save the date, June 10th, to participate fully in what promises to be a superb day for our chapter at the Easley Public Library. Sally and the board will be seeking help as we finalize the plans, so please let us know what YOU can do to make the day festive, informative , and memorable. Marcia Talley is our guest speaker, and there will be cake! Like I said—save the date! 

Before introductions were made, member Steve Brown noted that it was new and different to have Sally at the helm, and led us in a well-deserved round of applause for our former chapter president, Howard Lewis, and his FIVE YEARS of service. Yay, Howard! 

After the casual (and always fun) round of introductions wherein each member says just a tiny bit about who they are and why they have so wisely chosen to attend our meeting that month, Sally wasted no time in introducing our guests, Steve MacLeod, an EMS paramedic with the Keowee Fire District, and Brandon Shirley, Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshall of the Keowee Fire District.  

What a team! Steve and Brandon enlightened us on a variety of topics relating to first responders—what kinds of problems, emergencies, and people they encounter, what a typical shift might entail, what challenges they face, and how first responders coordinate their work with fire, medical, and law enforcement personnel. They covered so much info, it is hard for this feeble secretary to summarize, but a few tidbits I myself found the most interesting:

 EMS personnel assess the SCENE they encounter, as well as the persons in need of medical help. The scene reveals a lot about what exactly the medical emergency might be. 

EMS’s goal is to get the sick person stabilized, in the ambulance, and moving toward the hospital in 10 minutes. 

Opiate overdoses are a huge problem in our communities. 

At a scene where a crime might have been committed, EMS personnel must be careful with crime evidence, in addition to dealing with the medical emergency. 

And, in case it’s not already obvious, EMS personnel are not paid enough! 

We had lots of questions for Steve and Brandon, and the meeting came to an end only when the staff of the Runway Café had to close up the restaurant.  

Respectfully Submitted,

Cindy Blackburn

Chapter Secretary

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