Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 4 Chapter Meeting Minutes and Report

Mark your calendars! Our chapter’s SinC 30th Anniversary Party is June 10. With this in mind, our president Sally Handley started off our monthly meeting with a list of “volunteer opportunities” we can all sink our teeth into. Thanks to all who stepped up to the plate to make sure the celebration is a success. But we’re still looking for folks to help serve refreshments on the big day. Contact Sally if you’re ready, willing and able.

After our standard, but never boring, round of introductions (18 members and guests attended this month’s meeting), Sally introduced our guest speaker, the highly entertaining Dr. Warren Moore. When he’s not at Newbury College doing the English professor thing, Warren writes noir fiction. He regaled us with anecdotes about his personal writer’s journey, and about what’s happening in the Newbury College English Department.

Highlights of Warren’s talk included his explanation of how he came to write short stories, and how he came to know Lawrence Block. Put the two together, and sure enough, Warren’s stories have appeared in several anthologies edited by Block. Not too shabby for a guy who says he feels “Pinocchio moments” whenever he labels himself a “real” writer!

Warren also talked about a new scholarly journal to be published annually by Newbury College, Studies in Crime Writing. Look for the the first issue this fall. It will be free on-line and include only articles which have been subject to a rigorous peer review process.

Warren, who clearly knows fiction from the academic perspective, the writer’s perspective, and the reader’s perspective, left us with this encouraging fact—genre fiction lasts. For example, people are still reading and enjoying Zane Grey, Agatha Christie, and Dashell Hammet.

Intrigued? Check out Warren’s noir novel, Broken Glass Waltzes, and his short stories in those anthologies edited by Lawrence Block, Dark City Lights and In Sunlight or Shadow. And don’t forget our party in June!

Respectfully Submitted,
Cindy Blackburn,
Chapter Secretary

p.s. Warren blogged about his visit to SinC at

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